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Product Liability Update

Product Liability Update: April 2018

by David R. Geiger, Shrutih V. Tewarie


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NLRB General Counsel Adopts Less Restrictive Policy on Employee Handbook Rules June 8, 2018 Jonathan A. Keselenko, Christopher Feudo, Allison Anderson Labor and Employment Alert
SEC Fines Delinquent Form PF Filers $75,000 June 7, 2018 Catherine M. Anderson The Foley Adviser
Cayman Islands FATCA/CRS Reporting Deadlines Extended May 31, 2018 Christopher R. K. Cawley The Foley Adviser
OCIE Issues Risk Alert on Compliance Issues for Advisory Fees and Expenses Practices May 29, 2018 Robert G. Sawyer, Rosina E. Mummolo The Foley Adviser
Worksite Enforcement Investigations on the Rise May 29, 2018 Punam Singh Rogers, Kevin J. Fitzgerald Immigration Alert
Supreme Court Upholds Class Action Arbitration Waivers May 22, 2018 Michael L. Rosen, Christopher Feudo, Erin Olesen Labor and Employment Alert
Massachusetts Places Further Restrictions on Criminal Background Checks May 17, 2018 Michael L. Rosen, Christopher Feudo, James Fullmer Labor and Employment Alert
Implications of SCOTUS Opinions on Constitutionality, Scope of Inter Partes Reviews May 2, 2018 DeAnn F. Smith, Peter A. Sullivan, Philip C. Swain, Rajesh Vallabh PTAB Alert
Traveling to the U.S.? You May Have to Provide Social Media and Other Personal Data to the U.S. Government May 1, 2018 Kevin J. Fitzgerald, Punam Singh Rogers Immigration Alert