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SEC Waives Custody Rule Requirements for Certain Affiliated Sub-Advisers May 20, 2016 Robert G. Sawyer, Lauren Tran The Foley Adviser
EEOC Issues Final Rules on Employer Wellness Programs May 20, 2016 Robert A. Fisher, Allison Anderson Labor and Employment Alert
U.S. Department of Labor Releases Final Rule Revising “White Collar” Exemptions May 19, 2016 Robert A. Fisher, Jonathan A. Keselenko, Christopher Feudo Labor and Employment Alert
New Federal Exemption for Securities Crowdfunding Takes Effect on May 16 May 13, 2016 John D. Hancock Business Alert
Federal Circuit Denies TC Heartland’s Petition to Change the Venue Standard, Renewing Interest in Congressional Venue Reform May 04, 2016 Walter M. Egbert, III, Barbara A. Fiacco Intellectual Property Alert
Congress Passes Sweeping New Legislation to Protect Trade Secrets April 28, 2016 Claire Laporte, Emma S. Winer Intellectual Property Alert
Cayman Islands FATCA/CRS Compliance Deadlines (2016) April 14, 2016 Christopher R. K. Cawley The Foley Adviser
Product Liability Update: April 2016 April 07, 2016 David R. Geiger, Catherine C. Deneke Product Liability Update
IPhone Access Gets Attention, 'Stingrays' Fly Under The Radar April 06, 2016 Michele L. Adelman, Erik L. Schulwolf Privacy and Data Security Alert
FDA and Amarin Pharma Reach Milestone Settlement Allowing Off-Label Drug Promotion March 22, 2016 Areta Kupchyk, Michele L. Adelman Healthcare Alert

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