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IRS Releases Streamlined Application for Tax-Exempt Status July 8, 2014 Sharon C. Lincoln, Jason Steinman Nonprofit Alert
Supreme Court Allows Closely Held Corporations to Invoke Religious Objections Against Providing Employee Contraceptive Coverage July 1, 2014 Thomas Barker, Tad Heuer Healthcare Alert
U. S. Supreme Court Clarifies Fiduciaries’ Duty of Prudence Under ERISA In Connection with Employee Stock Ownership Plans June 30, 2014 Robert A. Fisher Labor and Employment Alert
Supreme Court Rules Recess Appointments of NLRB Members Unconstitutional June 27, 2014 Robert A. Fisher, Christopher Feudo Labor and Employment Alert
Massachusetts Increases the Minimum Wage and Reforms Unemployment Insurance June 27, 2014 Robert A. Fisher, Lyndsey M. Kruzer Labor and Employment Alert
U.S. Department of Labor Proposes to Change Rule Regarding Who Is a Same-Sex Spouse under the FMLA June 26, 2014 Robert A. Fisher, Jennifer M. Duke Labor and Employment Alert
Massachusetts Enacts New Biosimilars Substitution Law June 25, 2014 Pat A. Cerundolo, Igor Gorlach, Tad Heuer Life Sciences Alert
Supreme Court Holds that Technical Differences Don’t Save Aereo From Infringement Liability June 25, 2014 David A. Kluft Intellectual Property Alert
Supreme Court Revises Rules for Private Securities Class Actions June 25, 2014 Daniel Marx, Dean F. Hanley, Paul Bork Securities Alert
What Did the Court Really Say About Patent Eligibility? June 23, 2014 Philip C. Swain, Claire Laporte, Barbara A. Fiacco, Rajesh Vallabh, Philip S. Choi, Ph.D. Intellectual Property Alert

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