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Product Liability Update

Product Liability Update: October 2017

by David R. Geiger, Richard G. Baldwin, Daniel J. Procaccini, Shrutih V. Tewarie


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Funding Opportunities in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Serve America Act June 16, 2009 Nonprofit Alert
A Stronger MedPAC May Be Part of Health Reform June 12, 2009 Thomas Barker, Maia M. Larsson Healthcare Alert
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Holds That Discharged Employees Must Be Paid Unused Vacation Time, Regardless of Employer’s Written Vacation Policy June 12, 2009 Labor and Employment Alert
U.S. Supreme Court Holds That City Discriminated Against White Firefighters June 12, 2009 Labor and Employment Alert
Recovery Act Essentials: New Funding for Solar Energy Announced June 10, 2009 Mark A. Barnett Energy Technology and Renewables Alert
Product Liability Update May 22, 2009 David R. Geiger Product Liability Update
Federal Regulation of Swap Agreements Proposed May 20, 2009 Jeffrey D. Collins, Peter M. Rosenblum, Meredith A. Haviland The Foley Adviser
SEC Proposes Amendments to Enhance Custody Rules for Investment Advisers May 18, 2009 Jeffrey D. Collins, Peter M. Rosenblum The Foley Adviser
May 15 Deadline for Filing IRS Form 990-N May 13, 2009 Nonprofit Alert
NIH Releases Guidelines for Federal Funding of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research May 12, 2009 Thomas Barker Healthcare Alert

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