Foley Hoag is a professional community of highly qualified and self-motivated lawyers working together to provide exceptional service to the firm’s clients and to the communities in which they live and practice. Associates at all levels of experience work directly with Partners and clients, resulting in efficient and effective solutions for the firm’s clients, an open and cooperative workplace, and an opportunity for Associates to grow and develop as attorneys.

In addition to working closely with Partners on client matters, Associates actively participate in shaping the culture and policies of the firm through involvement in internal firm committees. Also, Associates and Counsel meet regularly with the Partners serving on the firm’s Executive Committee to discuss the firm’s financial statements, as well as its business strategy and long-term goals. These discussions promote an atmosphere of openness and encourage an exchange of ideas and concerns.

Summer Program 2021

As a law student looking to start your career, take a few moments to check out our network and learn more about us. When you visit with us, whether here or in person at your school, you will hear the passion in the voices of our people and see what it feels like to walk down our hallways as a member of our Summer Program. We look forward to the dialogue.  Visit our microsite now.