Crowd Funding: Where it stands now - “The Power of Alternative Financing for Entrepreneurs"

presented by the EntreTech Forum


Cambridge Innovation Center

Havana Room, 5th Floor
1 Broadway
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141

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March 21, 2013 6:00PM–8:00PM


Ask any entrepreneur about raising seed capital to get their venture off the ground, and you'll hear a wide range of adventure stories. Lucky ones are able to secure an initial investor and get started, while the majority spends countless months selling their ideas to investors that like the ideas but are hesitant to gamble on an uncertain exit. Enter crowd funding, a powerful means to directly tap into groups of new and veteran investors. In last year's EntreTech Forum session, we saw successful Crowd funding efforts that funded small projects up to startup companies. No longer a techie fad, crowd funding has raised more than $10 million for some companies. Now many want to know how or if it can be used as a mature source for financing ventures.

Join us for a discussion with an executive panel of advisors from the investment, startup, and legislative areas. They will share their perspectives and experiences on topics that every entrepreneur grapples with as they seek funding, including:

  • What is the outlook on Crowd Funding from a political perspective?
  • Where does the government legislative and Securities and Exchange Commission findings-report on Crowd Funding stand?
  • How do I leverage crowd funding?
  • How does the equity allocation work?
  • With respect to the IRS, what do we need to be aware of and what are the rules?
  • If I use crowd funding for seed financing, does this make my company more or less attractive to traditional angel or VC investors down the road?


  • Alon Hillel-Tuch, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer - RocketHub
  • Joseph Schlesinger, Founder – ArcBotics, Founder & Director - MakeIt Labs


Networking and refreshments on the 4th floor from 3:00-6:00PM
This meeting is free to all attendees.