Economy-Wide Decarbonization Pathways, Policies, and Programs in New England

New England Restructuring Rountable Event


Interactive Online Meeting


September 25, 2020 9:00AM–12:15PM

New England’s two largest states, Massachusetts and Connecticut, are currently engaged in detailed modeling and analysis of decarbonization pathways, and concurrently developing comprehensive decarbonization roadmaps to meet their clean energy/climate goals and mandates. Both states are on track to complete major plans this year: the Clean Energy & Climate Plan in Massachusetts and the Integrated Resource Plan in Connecticut. These states build on a historic foundation of innovative programs and policies, and look to new ones in every sector, including a current effort to forge a “cap and invest” program in the transportation sector (aka TCI).

Hear from the leaders of these initiatives on what they see emerging as the key ingredients to ensure that their states, and New England as a whole, are on the glide path to economy-wide decarbonization.


Dr. Jonathan Raab, Raab Associates, Ltd.

Co-Keynote Speakers:

Secretary Kathleen Theoharides, Massachusetts EEA

Commissioner Katie Dykes, Connecticut DEEP

Host: Foley Hoag