New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable: Transmission's Critical Role in Decarbonizing New England




September 24, 2021 9:00AM–12:00PM

Panel: Improving Transmission Planning, Investment, and Siting

This high-level panel will engage in a round robin discussion on some of the key questions facing New England as we strive to develop our transmission system (both onshore and offshore, and within our borders as well as beyond our region - in concert with our neighbors). Some of the questions we will likely address in this session include:

  • How do we improve the way we study transmission needs and develop longer-term transmission plans to support clean energy development?
  • How do we develop our on- and off-shore transmission grids to support the New England states’ substantial (and growing) off-shore wind requirements?
  • How can we reform the way we invest in and allocate the costs of clean energy-related transmission infrastructure?
  • What changes are needed in the way we site and permit transmission for clean energy?
  • How do we improve the nitty-gritty processes to interconnect clean energy resources with the transmission grid?
  • What do we need the federal government (FERC, DOE, Congress) to do, and what do we need our states and local government to do regarding all of the above?