Webinar: Copyright Basics for the Generalist In-House Counsel

Sponsored by Foley Hoag LLP

What does the generalist in-house counsel need to know about copyright? While patents and trademarks often receive the lion’s share of an organization’s intellectual property focus, copyrights comprise a critical third prong to a healthy overarching IP strategy – even for companies whose products and services involve little or no content creation.

Foley Hoag LLP presents a webinar offering guidance for in-house counsel regarding copyright law, including the basics of U.S. copyright protection and registration, copyright disputes, copyright protection from a European perspective, and the interplay between copyright, the internet, and emerging technologies.

Topics Discussed

  • Copyrightable subject matter many businesses forget to protect
  • Copyright ownership: who owns what in the corporate environment?
  • How and when to register copyrights
  • What to do when your client is accused of infringement
  • DMCA takedown basics
  • The overlap between copyright and other forms of IP
  • Copyright from the European perspective
  • Recent important copyright developments