Webinar: Patent Basics for the Generalist In-House Counsel

Sponsored by Foley Hoag LLP

What does the generalist in-house counsel need to know about patents and patent litigation? Protecting, exploiting, and enforcing new ideas and inventions are key considerations for any company. What types of ideas can be protected, and what are the best practices for protecting them? How are patents asserted in a dispute, and what claims can be made against accused patent infringers?

Foley Hoag LLP presents a webinar offering guidance for in-house counsel on patent law, including the basics of what can be patented in the United States, what should be kept as trade secrets, how to establish a patent protection program, how patent applications are examined, and how to prepare and manage patent litigation.


  • Julia Huston, Partner, Co-Chair, Intellectual Property Department, Foley Hoag


If you are in-house counsel and would like to receive a copy of the written materials containing talking points to accompany these slides, please contact us.