Getting Real: A 'Video Podcast' Series: An Interview with Benowitz

Hosted by Foley Hoag partner Veronica Renzi to generate dialogue among and build community with women lawyers

These days, we are looking at this widespread remote working scenario as an opportunity to enhance business relationships by reexamining professional boundaries and relying on means such as video conferences and phone calls. This "video podcast" series consists of discussions with female and male attorneys about issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you find them interesting and helpful and we are grateful to all the lawyers who made time to talk with us.

Guest: David Benowitz, Partner, Price Benowitz

In today’s episode, Veronica gets real with David Benowitz, founding partner of Price Benowitz. Veronica and David talk about his 13-year journey representing Calvin Bright, a client serving a life sentence for a double murder who was released earlier this year. David shares how Mr. Bright’s case is one of the highlights of his career, and how representing Mr. Bright while running a law firm kept him connected to his roots as a public defender and the reasons he became a lawyer. Veronica and David also discuss how pro bono representation helps us thrive as lawyers, and how in helping others, we help ourselves.