Mandating Vaccines on Campus: What Colleges and Universities Need to Consider

With the fall term fast approaching, colleges and universities are faced with the difficult decision of whether to require its students, faculty and staff to receive COVID-19 vaccines. The push to mandate vaccinations has only increased as vaccinations have become more readily available and continue to prove effective, and the CDC, OSHA and state and local governments have issued more relaxed masking and social distancing guideless for vaccinated individuals. Colleges and universities must juggle policies that impact not only the students who live, eat, and study on campus, but also the various types of employees that help facilitate the educational experience. They must also grapple with how student and employee policies are implemented, and how they may impact the enforceability and effectiveness of the other.

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Please join Foley Hoag attorneys Christopher Feudo and Madeleine Rodriguez for insight into requirements, legal hurdles, and practical considerations higher education institutions must consider when deciding whether to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for students or employees. Our professionals have extensive experience in advising employers on the changing landscape of COVID-19 and advising higher education institutions on student policies as a new wave of student litigation confronts universities.