NYIAC Annual Grand Central Forum: "Where do I go to obtain provisional members in aid of international arbitration?"

Before an international arbitration tribunal is confirmed, counsel has a choice between seeking provisional measures from an emergency arbitrator or a judge. What strategic considerations should guide counsel’s analysis in choosing the most appropriate route?  Are the same provisional measures available from an emergency arbitrator and a judge? Under what standard? How expedited is the process? How enforceable is the order granting provisional relief?  Grand Central Forum will explore these topics with prominent experts: a judge and attorneys serving both as counsel and arbitrators.

The Speakers

Hon. Barry R. Ostrager | Justice, State Supreme Court Commercial Division | New York

Stephanie Cohen | Independent Canadian Arbitrator & Chair, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators New York Branch | New York

James Hosking | Founding Partner, Chaffetz Lindsey & Co-Chair, ICC Task Force on Emergency Arbitration | New York

Teresa Giovannini | Founding Partner, Lalive & Member, NYIAC Global Advisory Board | Geneva

Moderator and Program Chair Daniel Schimmel | Partner, Foley Hoag & Co-Chair, NYIAC Program Committee | New York