Employee Affinity Groups

Employee Affinity Groups

At Foley Hoag, we want our people to feel included, valued, and respected and have access to equal opportunity to succeed. We are thoughtful in maintaining practices and resources to support our people to enjoy long and productive working careers at our firm. To this end, we support the efforts of our employee resource groups:

Agents of Change Affinity Group:

“Agents of Change” is our newest affinity group dedicated to expanding our awareness about racial and social issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion matters, at large. It serves as a venue for sustained self-education and discussion. Members meet monthly for group discussions, readings and activities to help unpack topics of race, racism, allyship and anti-racism.

Agents of Change members meet on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, participate in book club conversations, group discussions, and activities to help unpack topics of race, racism, allyship, and anti-racism. If interested in learning more, please email Alissa Clarke or Greg Molchan.

“Amplify: The Color of Law”:

To build and strengthen our community of color at Foley Hoag, we are proud to support the creation of a new overarching group, Amplify: The Color of Law, comprised of two sub-affinity groups exclusively for the community of color at Foley Hoag:

  • Business Professionals of Color
  • Attorneys of Color

The concept for the overarching group derives from the essence of its name, with “Amplify” being rooted in the idea of expanding or increasing the presence of something, and “The Color of Law” challenging us to revisit our stereotypical perceptions and biases regarding what members of the legal profession look like.

If interested in learning more, please reach out to any of the co-chairs: Alyssa Pratt, Shrutih Tewarie, or Kyrsten Lundh by emailing amplify@foleyhoag.com.

LGBTQ+ Affinity Group:

The mission of the LGBTQ+ Affinity Group is to create a welcoming and safe space for all self-identifying LGBTQ+ legal and business services professionals. Please note that there will be opportunities in the future for ally-invited events. If interested in talking to any of the co-chairs, please reach out to: Adrienne Ellman, Rachel Hutchinson, or Ryan Rourke Reed.

Women Associates Group:

The mission of the Women Associates Group is to create a welcoming and safe space for all women associates. New women associates, counsels, and paralegals are automatically added to the applicable distribution list upon joining the firm. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please email any of the co-chairs: Jennifer LichtmanSara Mattern, Anna Snook, Mital Patel Emily Nash, Gisela Paris, Diana Tsutieva.

Womxn of Color Group:

The mission of theWomxn of Color Group is to support all Foley Hoag members identifying as womxn of color, including both cis- and trans-women, femme/feminine-identifying non-binary individuals. The Womxn of Color Group provides a space that promotes their advancement, builds leadership, and strengthens their voices, to allow for the development of the individual womxn’s and firm’s highest potential, in line with our business purpose and the ever-changing market.  If interested in more information, please reach out to any of the co-leads: Patricia Pérez Elías, Maddie Rodriguez, Jacquie Chávez.

The Foley Hoag Women's Forum:

For more information on the Foley Hoag Women's Forum click here