Social and Racial Justice Actions and Commitments

Our Commitment to Social and Racial Justice

Foley Hoag is pleased to reiterate its strong support of the Black Lives Matter movement and ongoing efforts to achieve racial justice throughout the US and in the cities in which we work and live. In recent years, we have witnessed a heightened awareness of and response to the systemic racism against Black Americans, the AAPI community, and other underrepresented groups.

These momentous and significant events have afforded us the opportunity to reevaluate and consider our firm’s role in society. We believe that lawyers have a unique responsibility to ensure everyone has equal justice under the law. We would like to share with you some important firm initiatives in response to police brutality, hate, racial and social injustice, and our continued efforts to fight for equality and provide opportunities for all communities to thrive.

  • Juneteenth Instituted as a Permanent Firm Holiday: In June 2020, the firm announced its intention to recognize Juneteenth (June 19) as an annual firm holiday. During these unprecedented times where Black Americans find themselves having to assert their humanity in the midst of a global health crisis, Juneteenth serves as a time for reflection and planning for the future. Its recognition signifies a degree of reckoning with America’s history that is long overdue.
  • Counseling and Support: We have made available free trauma/counseling support to our colleagues who have been impacted by recent events of police brutality and hate crimes in our nation.
  • Foley Hoag Foundation: The firm has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to the Foley Hoag Foundation to support two special and immediate rounds of micro-grants to community organizations centered on Black and AAPI racial justice work in Boston, Washington D.C., and New York. Since that time, we have been using our social media platforms to publicize these organizations and the critical work they are doing.