The Foley Hoag Foundation

The Foley Hoag Foundation’s mission is to support programs addressing inequality in its various forms, including racial, ethnic, gender, and wealth disparities in all three of the firm’s U.S. cities – Greater Boston, New York City, and metropolitan Washington, D.C. – and to raise awareness about these issues.

Grants are awarded to organizations guided by principles of social justice: access, equity, diversity, participation, and human rights. Supported programs include arts and cultural activities, youth education, development, and leadership programs, college and job readiness training, criminal justice reform, and assistance with advocacy and civic engagement. A five-member Board of Trustees, including three firm partners, guide the work of the Foundation. Lawyers and others at Foley Hoag play an active role in the activities of the Foundation, including reviewing grant proposals and recommending grantees to the Foundation’s trustees.

The Foundation also sponsors and supports activities focused on these issues, including its Speaker Series.

The Foundation’s roots trace back to Boston’s landmark school desegregation case in which Foley Hoag successfully represented the plaintiffs pro bono.  Using fees awarded to the firm, the partners of Foley Hoag established the Foley Hoag Foundation in 1980.  Since 1981, the Foundation has awarded more than $2,900,000 in grants to over 400 organizations.

For more information about the Foundation or guidelines on how to apply for support, please click here.


Mossik Hacobian, Executive Director, Higher Ground

Michael B. Keating, Partner, Foley Hoag LLP,

James T. Montgomery, Jr., Partner, Foley Hoag LLP

Jeffrey B. Mullan, Partner, Foley Hoag LLP

Jeanne Pinado, Executive Vice President, Collier International



Ross Margulies, Washington, D.C.

Shaida Mirmazaheri, Boston

Madeleine K Rodriguez, Boston

Peter A. Sullivan, New York

Michael B. Keating