Foley Hoag's Paris Office Expands Parental Leave Benefits to 18 Weeks for All Lawyers

July 5, 2019

The Paris office of Foley Hoag is providing significant parental leave benefits to both parents in the event of birth or adoption. By granting such equal leave benefits, the firm has become a leader in Paris in the in the areas of gender equality and parenthood.

Foley Hoag now offers all attorneys in Paris 18 weeks of leave for births or adoptions. This measure goes far beyond the rights of liberal lawyers set by the Paris Bar at 11 consecutive days for men and 16 weeks for women.

“Our firm is fundamentally committed to the quality of life and the fulfillment of its employees. We are all truly mobilized around our business project at the service of the firm’s clients, but we also believe that everyone must be able to lead a rich and serene family life as well," said Frédéric Scanvic, managing partner of Foley Hoag's Paris office. "Aligning the rights of all parents also limits the risk of discrimination in hiring. Today, at Foley Hoag, an attorney, whether male or female, has the right to take a break to welcome the newest family member with their spouse or partner.”

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