Le Roy-Gleizes

Carine Le Roy-Gleizes


Environmental and energy law matters present high-stakes challenges. I help clients navigate among them, by providing innovative advice.

Carine Le Roy-Gleizes has broad experience in environmental law. She advises French and international companies, as well as public entities. Carine works on both litigation (before administrative, civil and criminal courts) and advisory matters having to do with environmental regulations regarding regulated facilities, industrial risks, waste management, water or air impacts, soil and groundwater contamination, health and safety-related issues, circular economy, sustainable development and chemical products.

Carine often represents international manufacturing concerns in connection with the setting of new industrial projects and compliance issues relating to current operations of industrial sites. Carine has developed considerable experience with plant closures, remediation, real estate matters and other asset transfers (including drafting environmental warrantees). Carine also assists public entities in connection with reconversion of brownfields or liabilities issues.

She is highly experienced with water-related and waste-related issues.

Carine is also very active in the energy and climate field.

Carine is a lecturer at the Centre de Formation de Droit de l’Environnement, the BRGM, The Ecole des Mines de Douai. She often speaks on environmental issues at seminars. She has authored numerous articles regarding environmental law for various industry publications. Carine is a member of several scientific committees and is also involved in various environmental law working groups and think-tanks.


  • Panthéon - Sorbonne University (Paris 1), D.E.A. in Business law
  • Panthéon - Sorbonne University (Paris 1), Masters in Business Law

Bar and Court Admissions

  • Paris


  • French
  • English


Permitting - Compliance
  • Advised clients on regulatory issues (in particular linked to Regulated Facilities regime) and helped obtaining environmental permits for clients operating in various economic sectors
  • Advised companies about implementation of regulation related to protection of biodiversity. For example, advised the developer of a recreational park or an energy supplier on implementation of biodiversity compensation measures linked to an industrial project
  • Represented numerous clients for compliance issues, in their relations with different stakeholders : environmental authorities, municipalities, NGO, neighbors
  • Advised a trade association about implementation of water law issues to the activity of the fish farmers
  • Advised a world largest supplier of environmental services about regulatory and liability issues relating to the quality of drinking water
  • Represented a French water agency for implementation of Water Law
  • Advised clients regarding implementation of Mining Law, issuance of mining concessions or permits
Transactional Experience
  • Represents buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and operators in transactional matters with environmental law issues
  • Conducts due diligence, negotiates transaction terms (environmental warrantees). Recent experiences include negotiating such transactions for a metallurgy company and for an industrial laundries company
  • Negotiate mechanisms aiming at limitating and facilitating transactionsRepresents clients for negotiation of complex contracts (sale and lease back regarding one or a portfolio of properties; real-estate sales; leases)
Brownfield Redevelopment and Remediation
  • Advised an energy supplier in the sale of important portfolios of former industrial sites (120 sites), with the transfer of the last operator administrative liabilities (“tiers-demandeur” mechanism) to the buyers, real estate developers
  • Advised numerous clients on individual sales of former industrial properties, implementing the “tiers-demandeur” mechanisms
  • Advised companies regarding complex contracts involving remediation issues
  • Advised numerous clients on legal requirements for remediation and redevelopment of contaminated land
  • Advised a group of chemical and pharmaceutical Swiss companies for the voluntary remediation of former industrial landfills in Alsace : helped defining the legal strategy with different stakeholders
  • Represented municipalities or redevelopment authorities in the acquisition, remediation, sale and redevelopment of former industrial sites for new industrial uses or residential use
Circular Economy
  • Advised several companies and trade associations about the implementation of Waste French law.
  • Recent experiences include:
    • Advising a company manufacturing building materials and operating quarries about regulatory framework of recycling waste
    • Advising an online fashion retailer about the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility
Management of Industrial Risks
  • Advised one of the biggest chemical platform in France on contractual agreements between the platform operators (large chemical companies), implementing new provisions of French environmental law, by allocating administrative obligations of each operator and pooled infrastructures/services
  • Advised operators of chemical manufacturing facilities regarding the implementation of SEVESO regulation and implementation of PPRT regulation
Energy and Climate
  • Advised several operators of manufacturing facilities with respect to the European carbon market (EU-ETS system)
  • Regularly advises operators of energy facilities with regard to transactional, project development, permitting, environmental compliance, and enforcement matters (in particular waste-to energy facilities, methanation plants)
  • Advise operators of industrial facilities about implementation of air quality requirements
  • Advised operators of underground gas storage
  • Advised clients on decarbonisation projects
Litigation and Enforcement
  • Represented a former mining operator, in an environmental dispute regarding an underground hazardous waste storage site in a former potassium mine for which the operator has obtained a definitive waste storage authorization
  • Represented a company manufacturing building materials and operating quarries, for the resolution of several significant disputes related to the management of excavated soils generated by the digging of underground subway lines in Paris area
  • Represented an energy supplier in thirty disputes related to the environmental condition of former gas plant (tort liability or contractual liability linked to real estate transactions)
  • Represented an industrial laundry operator before the Administrative and the Civil Courts on a matter of contaminated land
  • Represented numerous companies before the Administrative Courts regarding the validity and enforcement of environmental permits
  • Represented numerous companies before the Civil and Commercial Courts regarding liability for environmental damage or breaches of environmental law
  • Represented a chemical company before the criminal court regarding water contamination
  • Represented a chemical company before the civil court regarding its chloride discharge in surface water; implementation of Convention on the protection of the Rhine against chemical pollution, signed in Bonn in 1976


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Honors & Involvement

  • Ranked as “Leading Individual” in Environmental Law by LEGAL 500 EMEA –FRANCE (since several years)
  • Ranked in “Band 3” by CHAMBERS EUROPE -FRANCE (since several years)
  • Named “Lawyer of the Year”, in 2021, in Environmental Law by BEST LAWYERS IN FRANCE
  • Listed annually in BEST LAWYERS IN FRANCE : Environmental Law
  • Listed annually in BEST LAWYERS IN FRANCE : Energy Law
  • Listed annually in WHO’S WHO LEGAL : Environment and Climate Change
  • Listed by Décideurs Juridiques : Water Law expertise (“Tier 1”)
  • Fellow to the “Club des avocats environnementalistes”
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of INTERSOL
  • Involved in the Environmental Law Working Group of the MEDEF (the French leading network of businesses in France)
  • In 2022, Foley Hoag partnered with the Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) and the American College of Environmental Lawyers (ACOEL) on a collaborative research effort designed to compare French and U.S. legal frameworks for regulating plastic pollution. Carine led the French part.

Speaking Engagements

  • Séminaire sur le thème "Environnement et climat", Club des avocats environnementalistes, Paris, mai 2022
  • Sommet international sur la pollution plastique, "From Research to Action : Responding to Plastic Pollution through Science", Global Council for Science and the Environment, Ambassade de France, et Long Island University, New York, 5-6 avril 2022
  • Séminaire “Le contrat de fortage”, UNICEM, Paris, Janvier 2022
  • Séminaire “Les sols, des opportunités pour la transition des territoires - Les incidences du projet de décret modifiant les dispositions relatives aux sols pollués et à la cessation d’activités des ICPE, INTERSOL, Septembre 2021
  • Atelier de printemps NICOLE "Retour d'expérience sur l'attribution/la réduction/le transfert des responsabilités environnementales en droit français de l'environnement", juin 2019
  • Table ronde sur le transfert des responsabilités environnementales “Sites et sols pollués, Procédure du Tiers-demandeur, quand et comment mettre en place la procédure? », organisée par Foley Hoag Paris, Mai 2019
  • Séminaire « le Préjudice Ecologique », Compagnie d’Experts Judiciaires de la Cour d’appel d’Amiens, Octobre 2018
  • Séminaire « Matinale du droit de l’environnement : réparation des atteintes à l’environnement », MEDEF, Décembre 2017
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  • Séminaire, « La santé environnementale », revue Experts, Octobre 2016
  • Interventions régulières à INTERSOL, une conférence internationale sur l'analyse, la méthodologie de traitement et l'assainissement des sols et des eaux souterraines contaminés 
  • Interventions régulières lors de conférences organisées par l'UCIE, sur les questions de réhabilitation et de réaménagement.