Jack Rosa, Ph.D.

Patent Advisor, Registered Patent Agent - Boston

Jack Rosa
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Jack Rosa is a patent advisor and registered patent agent in Foley Hoag’s Intellectual Property Department. Jack started his career in intellectual property in New York, bringing with him over a decade of biotech and pharma experience, both law firm and in-house. His practice focuses on patent prosecution, management and development of global patent portfolios, and intellectual property analyses within the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. He has applied his academic background in molecular and cell biology, allowing him the opportunity to work in a variety of therapeutic areas, with particular emphasis on neurological and neuro-inflammatory conditions.


  • University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Ph.D., Biomedical Science, 2006
  • University of Rochester, B.S., Molecular Genetics, cum laude, 1999



Professional Experience

  • In-house patent agent at a growing bio-pharma company focused on the treatment of neurological conditions, including multiple sclerosis. Managed and developed multiple global patent portfolios and provided due diligence support to Business Development with respect to potential acquisitions and agreements.
  • Law firm technology specialist/ scientific advisor assisting with drafting of applications as well as U.S. and foreign prosecution of matters relating to small molecules, biologics, and various therapeutic areas and technologies, including neuro-inflammatory conditions, inflammatory diseases, biologic synthesis/ manufacturing, and nanotech drug delivery.
  • Post-doctoral joint fellowship with Harvard Medical School/ Massachusetts General Hospital in the chemical biology lab of Dr. Vineet Gupta. Utilized high-throughput sequencing methods for screening chemical libraries to identify small molecules that modulate the biological function of β2 integrins.
  • Man C, Rosa J, Yip YL, Cheung AL, Kwong YL, Doxsey SJ, Tsao SW.  Id1 overexpression induces tetraploidization and multiple abnormal mitotic phenotypes by modulating aurora A.  Mol Biol Cell.  2008; 19(6): 2389-401.
  • Kang BH, Plescia J, Dohi T, Rosa J, Doxsey SJ, Altieri DC.  Regulation of tumor cell mitochondrial homeostasis by an organelle-specific Hsp90 chaperone network.  Cell.  2007; 131(2): 257-70.
  • Man C, Rosa J, Lee TO, Chan VHY, Chow B, Lo KW, Jin DY, Kwong YL, Doxsey SJ, Tsao SW.  Latent membrane protein 1 suppresses RASSF1A expression, disrupts microtubules and induces chromosomal aberrations in human epithelial cells.   Oncogene.  2007; 26(21): 3069-80.
  • Parish JL, Rosa J, Lahti JM, Doxsey SJ, Androphy EJ.  The DNA helicase ChlR1 is required for sister chromatid cohesion in mammalian cells.  J Cell Sci. 2006; 119(pt 23): 4857-65.
  • Rosa J, Canovas P, Islam A, Altieri DC, Doxsey SJ.  Survivin modulates microtubule dynamics and nucleation throughout the cell cycle.  Mol Biol Cell.  2006; 17(3): 1483-1493 (including issue cover image).
  • Gromley A, Yeaman C, Rosa J, Redick S, Chen CT, Mirabelle S, Guha M, Sillibourne J, Doxsey SJ.  Centriolin anchoring of exocyst and SNARE complexes at the midbody is required for secretory-vesicle-mediated abscission.  Cell.  2005; 123, 75-87.
  • Zimmerman, WC, Sillibourne, J, Rosa J, Doxsey, SJ.  Mitosis-specific anchoring of gamma tubulin complexes by pericentrin controls spindle organization and mitotic entry.  Mol Biol Cell.  2004; 15(8): 3642-57.
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