The higher trust and expectations that the public places on nonprofit institutions is part of what makes your organization a vital thread in our social fabric. At the same time, those higher expectations bring with them special legal and regulatory obligations, in addition to those that apply equally to for-profit and nonprofit entities.

As a top law firm with offices in Boston, New York, Paris and Washington D.C., Foley Hoag provides experience, innovative legal advice on every facet of nonprofit formation, governance and operations. We regularly assist our clients with:

Tax & Regulatory Compliance

Foley Hoag has significant experience regarding the technical rules applicable to tax-exempt organizations, including lobbying guidelines, charitable contribution requirements and the public support test. We also represent nonprofit organizations in legal matters concerning the Attorney General and the Internal Revenue Service. For example, our attorneys managed the IRS audit of a major university and have experience assisting our clients with private letter ruling requests. We also assist our clients in reviewing state law and federal filings, including Forms 990, for tax-exempt compliance matters.


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