Foley Hoag represents various institutional investors in connection with their investments in a wide range of global private funds and their investments through managed accounts. Our investor representation clients include government pension funds, outsourced investment offices, U.S. and foreign family offices, investment consultants, funds of funds, managers of managers, U.S. and foreign insurance companies, university endowments, private foundations, ERISA and non-ERISA benefit plans, and other sophisticated investors.

We review 100+ private funds, managed account agreements and other investment products for our investor clients each year. As a result, we have extensive knowledge of the global private investment market and are able to identify and resolve the business, economic, legal and tax issues that are important to different types of investors such as non-U.S. investors, tax-exempt investors, ERISA plan investors and sovereign investors. Because of the volume and variety of private fund and managed account investments that we regularly review and negotiate, as well as our extensive experience representing fund managers, we believe that we add particular value to our investor clients through our ability to comment authoritatively on whether a term is in line with market norms. 

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