Foley Hoag’s Advertising & Marketing Litigation practice handles legal disputes against competitors, consumer classes and before government agencies. We employ the same incisive, analytical approach, combined with steadfast advocacy and the confidence that comes with long experience, no matter what the challenge and what the venue. Our Advertising & Marketing Litigation attorneys have deep knowledge of the different falsity and substantiation standards that apply in investigations and litigations before the Federal Trade Commission, state and local government agencies, the National Advertising Division and all kinds of private civil litigation, as well as the procedural ins and outs and best tactics to help defend our clients’ advertising and marketing against each type of challenge.

When your competitor’s advertising is disparaging your product, making unfair comparisons, or misleading consumers about its own product or service, our advertising litigation team is just as adept at challenging false and misleading advertising. Attorneys in Foley Hoag's Advertising & Marketing Litigation practice have decades of experience challenging advertisements in all industries before the NAD and in federal court, and defending our clients before the FTC and state Attorneys General. We help clients determine the best strategy for shutting down deceptive competitor advertising, and then execute whichever strategy is most appropriate with equal effectiveness borne of extensive experience.