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Federal Minimum Wage Increases to $7.25 Today July 24, 2009 Labor and Employment Alert
Both History and Recent Trends Indicate that Strong FCPA Enforcement Likely to Continue During Economic Downturn July 20, 2009 Anthony D. Mirenda Business Crimes Perspectives
The Obama Administration Proposes The Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act of 2009 July 17, 2009 Jeffrey D. Collins The Foley Adviser
Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act Liberalizes Endowment Spending and Clarifies Investment Standards for Charitable Institutions July 16, 2009 Nonprofit Alert
Treasury Issues Guidance for Cash Grant Program for Qualifying Renewable Energy Projects July 14, 2009 Nicola Lemay, Adam Wade Energy Technology and Renewables Alert
Massachusetts Appeals Court Reinstates $195,000 in Emotional Distress Damages For Disability Discrimination July 9, 2009 Labor and Employment Alert
House Passes Combined Renewable Electricity/Energy Efficiency Standard July 8, 2009 Mark A. Barnett Energy Technology and Renewables Alert
New Immigration Enforcement Efforts Aimed at Employers July 8, 2009 Punam Singh Rogers Labor and Employment Alert
National Cap-and-Trade Legislation Passes the House: At 1,428 Pages, Nearly Something for Everyone July 1, 2009 Adam P. Kahn, Seth D. Jaffe Environmental Alert
IRS Extends Deadline for Annual Information Report on Foreign Financial Accounts June 25, 2009 Jeffrey D. Collins The Foley Adviser

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