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Tax Related Renewable Energy Provisions in the Stimulus Act February 27, 2009 Nicola Lemay, Mark A. Barnett Taxation Alert
New Health Information Privacy and Security Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 February 25, 2009 Colin J. Zick
Smart Grid Stimulus: Business Opportunities Will Depend on Agency Rules, Energy Policy February 25, 2009 Mark A. Barnett Energy Technology and Renewables Alert
SEC v. Tambone: The First Circuit Broadly Interprets Primary Liability Under the Federal Securities Laws – and Adds to an Existing Circuit Split February 24, 2009 Anthony D. Mirenda Business Crimes Perspectives
Employee May Sue Employer Over Truthful But Arguably Malicious E-Mail to Co-Workers February 24, 2009 Labor and Employment Alert
H-1B Filing Deadline for FY 2010 is Fast Approaching and Stimulus Package Imposes New Restrictions on Hiring Foreign Workers February 23, 2009 Punam Singh Rogers Labor and Employment Alert
The New Stimulus Package Creates Premium Subsidy for COBRA Continuation Coverage February 22, 2009 Labor and Employment Alert
Hedge Fund Transparency Act of 2009 February 13, 2009 Jeffrey D. Collins, Meredith A. Haviland The Foley Adviser
Massachusetts Gives Businesses Until January 1, 2010 to Adopt Information Security Programs To Comply With Recent Identity Theft Regulations February 13, 2009 Colin J. Zick Privacy and Data Security Alert
Court of Appeals for the First Circuit Interprets The Whistleblower Provision of Sarbanes-Oxley February 13, 2009 Labor and Employment Alert

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