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Antitrust Implications of HHS Proposal to Limit Manufacturer Rebates August 27, 2018 Thomas Barker, Ross Margulies, Erik L. Schulwolf White Paper
Recent Regulatory Developments in US Biosimilars Market April 20, 2018 Brian P. Carey, Erik L. Schulwolf Published Article
Transparency in Arbitration April 11, 2018 Daniel Schimmel, John A. Shope, Diana Tsutieva Published Article
Obligations of Insurer and Policyholder October 18, 2017 Martin C. Pentz, Creighton K. Page eBook
Bridging the Cultural Gap in International Arbitrations Arising from FCPA Investigations June 7, 2017 Anthony D. Mirenda, Daniel Schimmel, Shrutih V. Tewarie Published Article
Getting the Deal Through - Arbitration 2017 June 6, 2017 Ivan Urzhumov Published Article
Public Summary of Foley Hoag LLP Report, Good Practice for Managing the Social Impacts of Oil Pipelines in the United States May 9, 2017 Gare A. Smith White Paper
Cybersecurity 2017: The Year in Preview February 8, 2017 Martha Coakley, Christopher Escobedo Hart, Christopher Cifrino, Jeremy W. Meisinger, Stephen L. Bartlett, Erik L. Schulwolf
Trade Secrets: A Guidebook for Technical and Business Professionals December 23, 2016 Emma S. Winer eBook
Sexual Abuse at St. George's School and the School's Response: 1970 to 2015 September 1, 2016 Independent Investigation Report