Trade Secrets: A Guidebook for Technical and Business Professionals

December 23, 2016


Trade secrets can be a valuable component of an intellectual property (IP) portfolio, whether as a complement to patents or as an alternative. Companies benefit from an IP portfolio that matches the unique benefits of trade secrets and patents to the types of information they seek to protect. Trade secret protection can be available immediately, without going through a government agent, whereas a patent is available only after an application to and approval by the government. And unlike patents, trade secrets provide IP protection of potentially infinite duration. Trade secret protection is also available for a broad array of information for which patents are not available.

Chapters include:

  • What Is a Trade Secret?
  • Trade Secrets Versus Patents?
  • Keeping Trade Secret Information Secret
  • What is Trade Secret Misappropriation?
  • Bringing a Trade Secrets Case; Remedies
  • The Flip Side: How to Stay Clear of Other Parties' Trade Secrets

Download the Foley Hoag Guidebook to Trade Secrets eBook (.pdf)