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Cybersecurity 2019: Data Privacy Trends April 25, 2019 Colin J. Zick, Christopher Escobedo Hart, Michael Licker, Jeremy W. Meisinger, Carol J. Holahan, Stephen L. Bartlett, Scott Bloomberg eBook
The History of Rebates in the Drug Supply Chain and HHS’ Proposed Rule to Change Safe Harbor Protection for Manufacturer Rebates April 2, 2019 Thomas Barker, Ross Margulies White Paper
Antitrust Implications of HHS' Proposed Rule to Limit Manufacturer Rebates August 23, 2018 Thomas Barker, Ross Margulies, Erik L. Schulwolf White Paper
Recent Regulatory Developments in US Biosimilars Market April 20, 2018 Brian P. Carey, Erik L. Schulwolf Published Article
Transparency in Arbitration April 11, 2018 Daniel Schimmel, John A. Shope, Diana Tsutieva Published Article
Obligations of Insurer and Policyholder October 18, 2017 Martin C. Pentz, Creighton K. Page eBook
Bridging the Cultural Gap in International Arbitrations Arising from FCPA Investigations June 7, 2017 Anthony D. Mirenda, Daniel Schimmel, Shrutih V. Tewarie Published Article
Getting the Deal Through - Arbitration 2017 June 6, 2017 Ivan Urzhumov Published Article
Public Summary of Foley Hoag LLP Report, Good Practice for Managing the Social Impacts of Oil Pipelines in the United States May 9, 2017 Gare A. Smith White Paper
Cybersecurity 2017: The Year in Preview February 8, 2017 Christopher Escobedo Hart, Jeremy W. Meisinger, Stephen L. Bartlett, Erik L. Schulwolf
Trade Secrets: A Guidebook for Technical and Business Professionals December 23, 2016 Emma S. Winer eBook
Sexual Abuse at St. George's School and the School's Response: 1970 to 2015 September 1, 2016 Independent Investigation Report
Patent Troll Watch March 14, 2016 Philip C. Swain eBook
Foley Hoag Climate Update: February 2016 February 11, 2016 Carine Le Roy-Gleizes White Paper
Doing Business in Massachusetts: A Guide to U.S. and Massachusetts Law for Non-U.S. Businesses January 28, 2016 eBook
Foley Hoag Climate Update: November 2015 November 10, 2015 Carine Le Roy-Gleizes White Paper
Patenting: A Guidebook For Patenting in a Post-America Invents Act World October 8, 2015 eBook
Foley Hoag Climate Update: September 2015 October 7, 2015 Carine Le Roy-Gleizes White Paper
Foley Hoag Climate Update: July 2015 July 9, 2015 Carine Le Roy-Gleizes White Paper
Foley Hoag Climate Update: June 2015 June 8, 2015 Carine Le Roy-Gleizes White Paper
Foley Hoag Climate Negotiations Tracker Document: May 2015 May 12, 2015 Carine Le Roy-Gleizes White Paper
Employing Workers in Massachusetts: A Guide for Emerging Companies April 6, 2015 Michael L. Rosen eBook
Liability for Commercial Speech: A Guide to False Advertising, Commercial Disparagement, and Related Claims March 23, 2015
Life Sciences Legal Forecast: 2014 Compliance Issues Keeping Executives Up at Night January 20, 2015 White Paper
Molecular Diagnostics Clinical Utility Strategy: A Six-Part Framework September 8, 2014 eBook
The Future of Coverage and Payment for Personalized Medicine Diagnostics July 10, 2014 eBook
Bootstrapping: The Independent Route to Attracting Investors April 17, 2014 Meredith A. Haviland Datasheet
Women Entrepreneurs Need to Ask More March 17, 2014 Datasheet
2013-2014: Evolving Challenges for Value-Priced LDTs September 13, 2013 White Paper
Is Medicare Zero for Three? Diagnostics Policy Proposals for CY2014 September 13, 2013 White Paper
What Every Employer Should Know About the Affordable Care Act (ACA) November 8, 2012 Thomas Barker eBook
Preparing for Compliance with SEC's Conflict Minerals Rule: Challenges Ahead! October 2, 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility
The Comments Are In: Stakeholders Categorize Genomic Tests September 25, 2012 eBook
The Tempest Continues, Fee Schedules in Collision July 13, 2012 eBook
CSR and Human Rights: Best Practices and Important Trends May 4, 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility
Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts: Civility Chapter January 10, 2012 Michael B. Keating eBook
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Extractive Sector January 1, 2012 Gare A. Smith Datasheet
Life Sciences and Government Strategies January 1, 2012 Paul T. Kim, Thomas Barker Datasheet
Private Equity Funds and SBICs January 1, 2012 Datasheet
Video Games and Interactive Media January 1, 2012 Alexander J. Aber, Earl W. Mellott Datasheet
Patent Considerations in Drug Development Agreements: 2012 and Beyond January 1, 2012 Datasheet
Genes, Coding, and Bold Action? November 15, 2011 eBook
Tempest in the Melting Pot: Genomics Reimbursement in 2012 November 2, 2011 eBook
The Directors' Dozen: Prudent Activities for Governing Boards of Nonprofit Corporations January 11, 2011 eBook
Foley Hoag Serving the Life Sciences Industry September 1, 2010 Jeffrey L. Quillen Brochure
Implementing a Corporate Free, Prior, and Informed Consent Policy: Benefits and Challenges July 1, 2010 Gare A. Smith eBook
Five Common Employment Law Hazards for Start Ups April 29, 2010 Michael L. Rosen eBook
Foley Hoag's Energy Technology and Renewables Practice February 1, 2010 Mark A. Barnett Brochure
Foley Hoag's Corporate Social Responsibility Practice January 1, 2010 Gare A. Smith Brochure
Commercializing Stem Cell-Based Therapies September 9, 2009 Jeffrey L. Quillen eBook
Five Key Steps to Developing an Information Security Program July 17, 2009 Colin J. Zick eBook
The Employee Free Choice Act April 2, 2009 Jonathan A. Keselenko eBook
Health Information Technology Provisions in the Recovery Act April 1, 2009 Brian P. Carey, Paul T. Kim eBook
Final Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturer Conduct Regulations March 19, 2009 Colin J. Zick, Pat A. Cerundolo, Tad Heuer eBook
Tips for Planning Reductions in Force November 17, 2008 Michael L. Rosen eBook
Coverage and Reimbursement for Molecular Diagnostics: Current Issues and Options October 24, 2008 White Paper
Follow-on Biologics and Patent Reform June 16, 2008 Donald R. Ware eBook
Corporate Social Responsibility Datasheet for the Extractive Sector December 13, 2007 Gare A. Smith Brochure
Massachusetts Wage and Hour Laws - What Every Manager Needs to Know August 14, 2007 James W. Bucking eBook