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Antitrust Implications of HHS' Proposed Rule to Limit Manufacturer Rebates August 23, 2018 Thomas Barker, Ross Margulies, Erik L. Schulwolf White Paper
Bridging the Cultural Gap in International Arbitrations Arising from FCPA Investigations June 7, 2017 Anthony D. Mirenda, Daniel Schimmel, Shrutih V. Tewarie Published Article
Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts: Civility Chapter January 10, 2012 Michael B. Keating eBook
Commercializing Stem Cell-Based Therapies September 9, 2009 Jeffrey L. Quillen eBook
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Extractive Sector January 1, 2012 Gare A. Smith Datasheet
Corporate Social Responsibility Datasheet for the Extractive Sector December 13, 2007 Gare A. Smith Brochure
CSR and Human Rights: Best Practices and Important Trends May 4, 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility
Coverage and Reimbursement for Molecular Diagnostics: Current Issues and Options October 24, 2008 White Paper
Cybersecurity 2019: Data Privacy Trends April 25, 2019 Colin J. Zick, Christopher Escobedo Hart, Michael Licker, Jeremy W. Meisinger, Carol J. Holahan, Stephen L. Bartlett, Scott Bloomberg eBook
Employing Workers in Massachusetts: A Guide for Emerging Companies April 6, 2015 Michael L. Rosen eBook