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Cross-Border Compliance Update

Cross-Border Compliance Update: December 2019

by Gwendolyn Wilber Jaramillo, Shrutih V. Tewarie, Anna Maria Annino


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SEC: Zero Tolerance for Short Selling Violations October 18, 2013 Robert G. Sawyer, Gabrielle A. Bernstein The Foley Adviser
Traveling to the U.S.? You May Have to Provide Social Media and Other Personal Data to the U.S. Government May 1, 2018 Kevin J. Fitzgerald Immigration Alert
Wyeth v. Levine: No Federal Preemption for Drug Labeling March 5, 2009 Life Sciences Alert
Wyeth v. Levine’s ‘Clear Evidence' Language: Clearly Misunderstood January 13, 2016 David R. Geiger, Andrew M. London Product Liability Alert
Worksite Enforcement Investigations on the Rise May 29, 2018 Kevin J. Fitzgerald Immigration Alert
Employee May Sue Employer Over Truthful But Arguably Malicious E-Mail to Co-Workers February 24, 2009 Labor and Employment Alert
Employer Can Be Liable for Negligently Terminating an Employee Based on Co-Worker’s Discriminatory Conduct June 3, 2014 Labor and Employment Alert
Women Entrepreneurs Need to Ask More March 17, 2014 Datasheet
FATCA: With Deadlines Looming, the Time to Act is Now February 26, 2014 Christopher "Kip" Cawley, Nicola Lemay The Foley Adviser
AIFMD: ESMA Recommends the First Wave of Non-EU Countries to Obtain a Europe-Wide Marketing Passport August 4, 2015 Catherine M. Anderson, Jeffrey D. Collins, Meredith A. Haviland The Foley Adviser

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