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Cross-Border Compliance Update

Cross-Border Compliance Update: December 2019

by Gwendolyn Wilber Jaramillo, Shrutih V. Tewarie, Anna Maria Annino


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Guidance About Title IX: White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault Releases its First Report April 30, 2014 Education Alert
U.S. Department of Labor Releases Final Rule Revising “White Collar” Exemptions May 19, 2016 Jonathan A. Keselenko, Christopher Feudo Labor and Employment Alert
Department of Labor Proposes New Regulations Regarding “White Collar” Exemptions Under the Fair Labor Standards Act July 1, 2015 Jonathan A. Keselenko Labor and Employment Alert
SEC Charges KBR, Inc. with Using a Confidentiality Agreement that Could "Chill" Whistleblowing April 6, 2015 Paul Bork Securities Enforcement Alert
Department of Education Issues Final Regulations on Campus Sex Offense Reporting and Training, While Leaving Some Key Issues Unresolved October 22, 2014 Education Alert
Where Are We Today on the President’s Executive Order February 7, 2017 Kevin J. Fitzgerald Immigration Alert
Q&A Series: When Your Public Company Must Restate Its Financial Statements March 4, 2009 Business Alert
USCIS Proposed Changes to the H-1B Cap Filing Process: What You Need to Know December 6, 2018 Kevin J. Fitzgerald Immigration Alert
2009 Updates to Delaware General Corporation Law - Part 3: Improved Shareholder Access to Proxy Materials – Now, What Will the SEC Do? May 1, 2009 Business Alert
What U.S. Employers Need to Know About the FY 2019 H-1B Visa Cap Season February 1, 2018 Kevin J. Fitzgerald Immigration Alert

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