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340B Program Perspectives: Insight on Current Contract Pharmacy Issues

The federal 340B drug discount program provides certain providers with substantial discounts on certain covered outpatient drugs. Last year the 340B program saw growth amidst uncertainty related to the use of contract pharmacies. The health care data and analytics firm, IQVIA, reported that in 2021, 340B program sales reached $93.6 billion and grew 15.9% year-on-year. However, last year more pharmaceutical manufacturers announced or implemented a change to not offer the 340B discount to drugs dispensed under contract pharmacy arrangements. The growth, policy, and legal issues of the 340B program are significant not only to impacted health care providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers, but also to other stakeholders such as health plans, data vendors, and even Congress.

Foley Hoag Healthcare Co-Chair Thomas Barker will join this virtual symposium, hosted by the Business Advancement Center for Health (BACH) at the Carlson School of Management, to review the latest legal and policy questions under discussion in the Courts and Congress and explain how impacted stakeholders are responding to the ever-evolving 340B program landscape.

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