Foley Hoag Associate Alexandra Meise Bay Becomes President of Dartmouth Lawyers Association

May 09, 2013

Alexandra Meise Bay, an associate in Foley Hoag LLP’s International Litigation and Arbitration Practice in Washington, became president of the Dartmouth Lawyers Association at the 26th Annual Meeting held earlier this year in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

As part of her presidential duties, Meise Bay represented the Association at Dartmouth College’s 2013 Law Day events celebrating 40 years of coeducation and Native American Studies at the College and exploring the evolution of civil rights issues before the Supreme Court.  These events included The Stephen R. Volk ’57 Lecture titled, “Some Leaders are Born Women!” featuring lawyer, professor and women’s rights activist Sarah Weddington, a panel featuring Chair of Native American Studies Bruce Duthu exploring the potential societal impacts of Adoptive Parents v. Baby Girl, which is currently pending before the Court, and a career panel - moderated by Meise Bay - titled, “Having It All in Law:  Questions and Reflections on Legal Careers.”

Meise Bay will also moderate the “What to Expect in Obama’s Second Term” panel on Friday, May 10 at the Dartmouth Lawyers Association 2013 Spring Meeting held in Washington, D.C., and introduce American political commentator and journalist Morton Kondracke at the meeting’s keynote dinner.

Meise Bay received her bachelor’s degree, with honors, from Dartmouth College. Her legal practice at Foley Hoag focuses on international arbitration and litigation matters, particularly on Investor-State issues, commercial arbitration, and sovereign representation. Meise Bay has represented foreign governments, international corporate clients and sovereign officials in state courts, federal district courts, federal courts of appeals, international commercial arbitrations and investment treaty arbitrations, and has worked for prosecutors and judicial chambers in international criminal tribunals.

About Dartmouth Lawyers Association

Since 1984, the Dartmouth Lawyers Association has fostered dialogue on important legal, social and economic issues affecting the global community. The association also sponsors educational programs that feature prominent business, government and legal commentators, as well as distinguished professors. The organization benefits from more than 1,000 members in 48 states, two U.S. territories and 12 foreign cities, and provides a forum to develop and maintain contacts with the diverse group of individuals who share the dual bond of Dartmouth and the law.