Foley Hoag Partner Daniel Schimmel to Speak at Law Night La Nuit du Droit Event in Paris

Foley Hoag LLP partner Daniel Schimmel will participate in the Law Night (La Nuit du Droit) event, taking place on November 20, 2019 at the Paris Commercial Court. 

La Nuit du Droit will gather prominent speakers, including a Member of Parliament, judges, prosecutors, legal professionals, and entrepreneurs for six roundtable discussions on major legal issues.

Schimmel will join the “Convergence of International Procedural Standards” panel, which will discuss the convergence of international standards to resolve business disputes. He will focus on the fact that a number of major cities in the world compete to attract litigation and arbitration business. Companies expect these major places of arbitration and litigation to meet converging international standards in the resolution of international business disputes, including a predictable and short time frame, access to relevant documents and witnesses, judges with expertise in resolving business disputes, and the promotion of mediation. 

Schimmel leads the International Arbitration & Litigation Practice of Foley Hoag’s New York office. He represents clients, including major French and other European groups, in international commercial lawsuits, arbitrations, and investigations in the United States. Schimmel has served as Chair, Sole Arbitrator, Co-Arbitrator, Emergency Arbitrator, and counsel in international arbitrations arising from a broad range of contracts and transactions.