Foley Hoag Partners August Horvath and Peter Sullivan Are Co-Authors in Fifth Edition of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts

October 29, 2020

Foley Hoag LLP partners August Horvath and Peter Sullivan served as co-authors for two chapters in Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, Fifth Edition published by Thomson Reuters.

This edition of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts offers a step-by-step practice guide that covers every aspect of a commercial case, from the investigation and assessment that take place at the inception, through pleadings, discovery, motions, trial, appeal and enforcement of judgment. It contains 64 substantive law chapters on the subjects most commonly encountered in commercial cases, including contracts, insurance, sale of goods, banking, securities, antitrust, intellectual property, professional liability, business torts, franchising and many other commercial law topics.

Horvath’s chapter, “Antitrust Litigation,” comprehensively covers litigation under the New York state antitrust laws, including government agency antitrust enforcement and private antitrust litigation.

Sullivan’s chapter, “Licensing,” is a review of the important considerations for litigating intellectual property licensing disputes in NY state and federal courts.

Horvath, a partner in Foley Hoag's Advertising & Marketing practice, is a noted advertising and antitrust attorney. He counsels clients on how to substantiate and defend marketing claims they wish to make for their products and services, helps them challenge false and disparaging advertising by their competitors, and assists them in managing relationships with competitors, customers and suppliers without running afoul of antitrust laws.

Sullivan is a partner in Foley Hoag’s Intellectual Property, Litigation, and International Litigation & Arbitration departments. He focuses his practice on intellectual property and complex commercial matters.  He has litigated intellectual property and complex commercial matters in courts throughout the country.