Foley Hoag Climate Update White Paper July 2015

The Boston office of Foley Hoag LLP, the Paris office of Foley Hoag AARPI and Matthieu Wemaere collaborated on the production of this white paper.


The previous update outlined the progress that the ten days of formal negotiations in Bonn from 1-11 June 2015 were intended to deliver. This latest update reflects on the outcomes from Bonn, and on the challenges and priorities that lie ahead.

The negotiating text

The consensus is that the negotiating session failed to deliver the substantive progress that had been hoped for. The 85-page Geneva text was shortened only by 5 pages, leaving a document that is far too lengthy and unwieldy for use in Paris. This has led to widespread concern that progress is too slow for a new legally binding agreement to be reached at COP21.

Download the Foley Hoag Climate Update - July 2015 White Paper(.pdf).