Training & Development

You Have Our Undivided Attention

Your summer at Foley Hoag will provide you with an opportunity to grow in your professional life. We're deeply committed to each individual in the Summer Program, and you'll quickly find that the attention comes from many quarters.

Preparing You for Your Future

In addition to a wide variety of assignments that provide invaluable "on-the-ground" training, our Summer Associates are provided with numerous educational opportunities throughout the Summer Program. 
Summer Associates recieve training in legal research and writing as well as corporate drafting and negotiations. They receive feedback from an outside consultant on their communications skills, in addition to learning about Foley Hoag's pro bono initiatives and even the firm's strategic plans.

From your first day as a Summer Associate, and throughout your career at Foley Hoag, there will be both formal and informal opportunities to enhance your skills through professional development.

For our Associates, our practice area leaders have developed introductory training curricula to introduce our new lawyers to both practice- and industry-specific skills. For example, our corporate lawyers offer training sessions devoted to basic corporate negotiation, documentation and drafting techniques, while the litigators focus on research strategies, witness interviewing skills, and the specifics of motion practice through a combination of lectures and practice-and-critique sessions.

Firm wide and departmental training programs are scheduled regularly for more advanced lawyers to address practice-specific and cross-departmental issues, and we encourage our lawyers to attend outside seminars to supplement their skills and knowledge in substantive specialty areas.

Lawyers at Foley Hoag participate in several innovative professional development programs. Some of our business lawyers have made arrangements with clients to spend a defined period of time working at the client site, offering a unique opportunity to see first-hand what daily work life is like for those clients so that the firm can better service their unique needs. Litigation lawyers have the opportunity to spend a four-month period at the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, trying a multitude of cases and gaining invaluable courtroom experience. 
We ask several of our lawyers to take primary responsibility for your stay at Foley Hoag and to offer you their guidance, counsel and support
Leveraging our skills to aid the community
We have a long history of providing quality legal representation to disadvantaged and disfavored individuals, and groups whose civil rights and liberties are threatened. 
Pro Bono