Foley Hoag to Partner with MichBio Association

April 14, 2017

Foley Hoag LLP has announced its partnership with the Michigan Biosciences Industry Association (MichBio) to provide legal services for early stage companies that are MichBio members. Through this arrangement, member emerging bioscience companies will receive crucial legal services from Foley Hoag attorneys to help their businesses form and thrive while mitigating risk. Companies can take advantage of free consultations and scheduled open office hours, as well as alternative fee arrangements for longer-ranging representation. Foley Hoag will act as MichBio’s preferred legal counsel, and its service offerings will include startup entity formation, contract drafting and negotiation, website terms and conditions, website privacy policy, corporate governance, corporate structure, tax issues, waivers, employment/human resource legal issues and IP services including patents and trademarks. Foley Hoag attorneys will also attend MichBio events and give periodic presentations on legal topics of interest to startup entrepreneurs. “MichBio is a well-respected state bio-industry association, and we are thrilled to partner with its member community in Michigan,” stated Foley Hoag partner DeAnn Smith. “Several Foley Hoag attorneys – myself included – have strong, longstanding ties to Michigan. We look forward to working with Michigan’s talented bioscience entrepreneurs. This partnership will be marked by collaboration, quality of service and a commitment to client success and the state’s bio-industry as a whole.” Foley Hoag attorneys taking part in the MichBio partnership include Smith, Colin Zick, Sarah Cooleybeck, Erica Rice and Greg Ploussios.