White Collar Year in Preview e-Book

February 06, 2020

In April 2019, Foley Hoag launched its White Collar Law & Investigations blog with the goal to create a forum to share relevant developments and foster spirited debate. Since that time, lawyers at the firm have contributed posts across a range of industries, from securities to export controls and from healthcare to anti-corruption. These entries have, at times, focused on specific decisions, and other times, considered developing regulatory guidance. And, in reviewing developments in the white collar space, entries have between focused not just on the activity of the federal government but of state governments as well.

This collection of essays addresses each of these issues. The essays included in this e-book were originally published as a series of posts on Foley Hoag’s White Collar Law & Investigations blog as part of its 2020 “Year in Preview” series.Together, they provide a holistic overview of trends across topics.

Included in this eBook:
  • SEC Enforcement Trends in 2020
  • Healthcare Fraud Trends in 2020
  • False Claims Act Trends in 2020
  • Anti-Corruption Trends in 2020
  • Sanctions/Export Controls Trends in 2020
  • Massachusetts Attorney General Trends in 2020
  • Impeachment Implications


SEC Enforcement Trends in 2020

As we look towards the SEC Division of Enforcement’s agenda for 2020, the cases it filed in 2019, the public statements of the Commissioners and Enforcement’s senior officials, and the Division’s annual report provide useful indicators of what we can expect in the coming year. As it has done since Jay Clayton was sworn in as SEC Chairman in 2017, in 2019 Enforcement reaffirmed its five “core principles”: (1) focus on the retail investor; (2) focus on individual accountability; (3) keeping pace with technological change; (4) pursuit of remedies that most effectively further its enforcement goals; and (5) constant assessment of the allocation of the Division’s resources. The types and volume of enforcement actions that the agency brought in 2019 were consistent with these goals, and along with other signals, indicate that SEC Enforcement will maintain these priorities for the foreseeable future.

Download the ebook here.