COVID-19 Taskforce Alert

National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Summary

March 14, 2022

The White House has released a COVID-19 preparedness plan that assumes we will be living with the virus for the long term.

The 96-page plan has four primary goals: (1) protect against and treat COVID-19, (2) prepare for new variants, (3) prevent economic and educational shutdowns and (4) vaccinate the world. Key elements of the plan include:

1. "Test to treat." A nationwide "test-to-treat" initiative to minimize the time between a positive test result and treatment. Pharmacy-based clinics will serve as "one-stop" test-to-treat locations, so that people with a positive COVID-19 test result are rapidly seen by a provider and receive antiviral therapy, all in one visit.

2. Improved COVID-19 tracking.

3. Development of a Universal vaccine.

4. Vaccines for young children.

5. Prioritization of the immunocompromised.

6. Expand hospital capacity.

7. Increase long COVID-19 research.

8. Distribution of free masks.