The unique mission of educational institutions involves not only nurturing the academic relationships between teachers and learners, but playing a vital role in sustaining the economic and civic vibrancy of their broader communities. It means managing diverse workforces that include Ph.Ds. union workers, administrators and service staff. It means planning for the sustainable development of campus infrastructure and real estate holdings, and managing endowments to insure the education of future generations. It means protecting the intellectual property created by scholar-scientists and facilitating appropriate commercialization of their work. It means implementing commitments to diversity and inclusion, from student admissions to faculty hiring. It means safeguarding against threats to data privacy in a digital age, while delivering robust and seamless remote learning experiences. And it means influencing policy makers whose decisions affect education.

From our origins as a Boston firm serving New England’s numerous educational institutions, Foley Hoag now serves colleges and universities nationwide. We understand the needs of educational institutions not only because of our decades of experience, but because our lawyers themselves are actively devoted to driving these institutions forward, as members of Boards of Trustees, as adjunct faculty, and as alumni leaders.

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